Info About the Valley Harmony Chorus

Valley Harmony chorus

What is Valley Harmony Chorus? Valley Harmony Chorus is an organization that caters the needs of children, teens and young adults in their pursuit of musicality and artistic potential. Valley Harmony Chorus was formed in 1974 by Mary Ella Moss and her husband Jack Moss, with the mission to bring musicality and worship to the people of their community.

Today Valley Harmony Chorus has seven music lines consisting of ten women and five men, who have been duly trained and are members of this organization. They perform at various places, including church concerts, school performances and social functions. This is a non profit organization, which aims at providing quality musical experience to its members. It also provides its members with professional development programs.

The ethos of this organization is to provide quality music without compromising on performance. Each member is trained accordingly and taught to sing gracefully. A musical group usually consists of ten members. The repertoire includes popular songs of all ages, ranging from children to adults.

Each member is given individual training, such as vocal techniques and harmony skills. Members learn to prepare themselves for performance sessions. They practice individually and as a group, which gives them a sense of belonging and a strong sense of performance. Members are encouraged to learn a wide variety of instruments, including guitar, bass guitar, drums and piano. They are taught the discipline and spirit required for success.

Every session is highly rehearsed. Sessions take place in large rooms, with a master conductor who provides supervision. The master conductor will choose the songs that will be played during the session. They ensure that the choirs and instrumentalists have suitable background music. Pre-recorded tracks are also available for the choirs and accompanists.

Most members belong to the Youth Group. All the groups are involved in musical plays and workshops. All of them enjoy the company of each other. They meet regularly for jam sessions. These are an ideal way for developing friendship, mutual appreciation, and music sharing. Jams often last for several hours, sometimes longer.

Members are expected to contribute their part in music creation. It is the group’s responsibility to select instrumental pieces and arrange for instrumentalists to play them. In addition, they ensure that the ensemble sounds complete. Ensembles range from small groups of people to entire choirs.

Every choir and orchestra has a music director. The Valley Harmony Chorus and Orchestra provides experienced professional music directors for all of its events, be it an official event or a holiday outing. For information about the director of your choir or orchestra, contact:

Events take place at the Community Center in Valley View, New York. Venue information can be obtained at the facility’s website. You can also find concert tickets there. To inquire about concerts, contact Music Director Joy DeMuth.

The choir is very active in community events. They have sung at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Ball and in the Garden concert organized by the City of New York’s Parks and Recreation Department. They also sang at President Obama’s Inauguration Day ceremony. And they opened for the Rolling Stones at the famous Fillmore Silver Spring Amphitheater. They are always welcome in any large or small event.

Enthusiasts appreciate the tireless work of the Valley Harmony Chorus. Each member is committed to her music and to helping others. Members are paid an average wage. Their musical livelihood is supported by the donations of their many fans. Each member of the chorus undertakes special volunteer work, including fundraising for local schools and churches.

To learn more about joining the chorus, contact Executive Director Amy Krapohl. You will need to complete an application that includes your contact information, hours of availability and a short description of your talent. Auditions for open positions are scheduled for the fall. Information about applying for those positions can be found on the chorus’s website. To volunteer as a volunteer, visit the website and click on Volunteer.

If you have enjoyed listening to the music of the Valley Harmony Chorus, you may want to consider becoming a member. If you would like to know more about the organization, visit their website. Don’t forget to connect with the team and other musicians who inspire you. Visit their concerts and learn more about joining the choir. Music is their gift to humanity.