Valley Harmony Chorus

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Director Notes on our music

Let's Sing:
Opener, needs excitement, enthusiasm and lots of smiles to get the audience interested in what we have coming up next.

Intro: 3 levels of dynamics
Chorus:  attitude - you love the South and are proud to call the South home
Dynamics on " Alabama, Tennessee and Caroline. Soft to loud
Rhythm: "any place below the Mason..." First time is straight, the second time is with        the dotted rhythm.
Going into reprise remember to carry over without breathing " I'm from Dixie too...if your from..."
Dynamics on " Alabama, Tennessee and Caroline. Soft to loud
Smooth with attitude on "Swanee"
Dynamics on tag mf to fff

Love's Old Sweet Song
Sing this tender with lots of feeling

Whose Honey Are You
Intro: start mf grow to ff at end of intro
Chorus: sing with energy. Emphasis on second  "just you"
"B" Section needs contrast
Change in attitude for second "A" Section
Tag: get louder, with more determination each new phrase.
Grow to fff on "mine" with tall vowel (AH)

Some Sunny Day
Intro: sing it the way you have been, remember to be breathy on "thinking"; turn  diphthong together on "much"
         "mind". Start to think about Home!
           Emphasis on "nev" of " never" both times.
           Grow on "again"
           ff on "OH"
           LL on "love"
           Tag: start mf grow to fff

        America the Beautiful
             Maintain my tempo, don't slow down
             2nd verse: bass melody. Leads sing softer, volume 2; Tenor melody: don't slow down
             3rd verse: "OH" sing strong and f; sing this verse with lots of pride

        Thank You Dear Lord for Music
             Sing it like a hymn

         Razzle, Dazzle
Keep tempo, sing with attitude
             Work on words and moves
              Repetition of "Razzle, Dazzle" get louder, more attitude on second Razzle

    Irish Blessing
           Sing it sweet